When you have an event & you're looking for an inspiring motivational speaker or moderator...

Debra Máres, a restorative-justice & resiliency guide, will inspire change with a

trauma-informed keynote or discussion at your event.

If you’re looking for something different this year, then take a look at what Debra brings.

Inspiring Motivational Speaker

Debra Postil is a child trauma survivor who began her legal career when she was 12. Now she's the founder of a girls empowerment program and an inspiring motivational speaker. 

Debra doesn't just talk, she entertains with elements of spoken word & humor. She's an inspiring social change speaker.

Always bouncing back on track, Debra combines poetry with speaking to inspire at your event.  

Speaking topics

If you're looking for something different this year, then book Debra for your next event.  She delivers an inspiring trauma informed keynote.

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Debra Máres

Trauma-Informed Keynote & Social Change Speaker​

Child trauma survivor to successful attorney...