​As an inspirational speaker, teacher and author, Debra Postil overcame growing up with domestic violence and alcoholism, followed her dreams and encourages youth to do the same.  An attorney and founder of a successful nonprofit, Debra's TEDx talk has inspired countless lives and her female empowerment program instills confidence in young women through journaling, cultural arts and restorative justice. She believes no matter ones hardships or circumstances, resilience is possible.

"Despite it all, you will stand tall!" Debra Postil

Debra started as an entertainer and writer when she was 10 years old. She began her legal career when she was 12, by helping her parents through their divorce.  She began her speaking career in her early 20's on the UCLA Speech & Debate team.  Eventually, Debra was getting asked to speak on resiliency and the power of writing, to share her personal story growing up with domestic violence, and how cultural arts help youth overcome trauma and rewrite juvenile wrongs; so Debra combined her legal knowledge, personal experiences and poetry with a powerful speaking message of Despite it All, You Will Stand Tall!

  • Started performing on stage at age 10
  • Grew up with 2 jaguars - domestic violence & alcoholism
  • First to graduate college in her family
  • Prosecutor of the Year ~ twice!
  • Co-founded youth mentoring nonprofit
  • Co-created youth cultural arts curriculum
  • Author of three books
  • Still growing up (has a sense of humor)


Debra Máres

Trauma-Informed Keynote & Social Change Speaker​

Child trauma survivor to successful attorney...

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